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Dick Rosano Books - 5 Stars

If you’re a fan of Italy, this book is for you. If you’re a fan of mysteries, this book is for you. 

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"Original in conception, well-researched and deftly written." The Washington Post

A young man mourns the suspicious death of his grandfather while preparing to take the reins of his family's winery in Tuscany.

A Death in Tuscany

Secrets hidden from the Nazis in 1943 are still sought by an art collector in modern days. But evil stalks all those who try to reveal it.

The Secret of Altamura

The slain bodies of truffle hunters show up, but the truffle harvest itself has been stolen.

Hunting Truffles


A heady collection of wine quips, quotes, tips, and trivia.

Centuries of Italian immigration to America laid the groundwork for the American wine revolultion of the 20th century. 

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Wine Heritage


A Death in Tuscany takes place amid the glorious Tuscan wine landscape, where the narrator discovers the lifestyle he's been missing.

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Hunting Truffles is a seamless blend of engaging mystery, insider travelogue, a primer in Italian traditions, and a guide to Italian food and viticulture in a narrative style that is easy and compelling. 

Wine Heritage  casts a long-overdue light on a fascinating corner aspect of America's wine history. 

The Washington Post

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A Death In Tuscany - "delightful descriptions of food and wine, an excellent sense of place, and well drawn characters."


Bay Weekly

The Secret of Altamura

If you’re a fan of Italy, this book is for you. If you’re a fan of mysteries, this book is for you. - 5 Stars

Wine Heritage is a thorough history...a must for anyone interested in our wine culture, how we got here and how we can go farther.

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Dick Rosano’s columns have appeared for many years in The Washington Post and other national publications. His series of novels set in Italy capture the beauty of the country, the flavors of the cuisine, and the history and traditions of the people. Rosano has traveled the world but Italy is his ancestral home and the insights he lends to his books bring the characters to life, the cities and countryside into focus, and the culture into high relief.


Whether it’s the workings of the winery in A Death in Tuscany, the azure sky and Mediterranean vistas in A Love Lost in Positano, the intrigue in Hunting Truffles, or the bitter conflict of Nazi occupation in The Secret Altamura, Rosano puts the life and times of Italy into your hands.



Release of a Collection of 

Wine Trivia and Famous Quotes


Wine Froth

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